Author: Quản Trị


Libraries are established as a mission of attached knowledge. Libraries always go in company with man in the evolution of awareness, the development of vision, the development science, the preservation and promotion of culture. For today’s learning society, the importance of libraries hasn’t been reduced. With the strong rise of information and media technologies, the libraries are becoming richer and richer and more and more diversified. Reading and research on books for the purpose of studying, improving careers, and expanding the range of knowledge are the most popular method of self-study. The Libraries are cultural and educational institutions outside...

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MISSION – VISION MISSION – 2020 To provide a high quality labor force who is energetic, ambitious, cooperative, and creative in the context of global competition in the 21st century labor market. VISION – 2030 To become a multidisciplinary and multisystem university, which will be in the region’s university rankings, actively integrate into the regional and global education, create all the conditions for the learner to execute their rights for lifelong learning in the knowledge-based economy. THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY In realizing the policy of the Party and the State on socialization of the education sector and diversification...

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